Muhurta in Vedic Astrology

In Taittiriya Brāhmaas, muhūrta denotes a division of time: one-thirtieth of a day, or a period of forty-eight minutes, means 24 hours (60 Ghati) in a day are divided into 30 muhurtas.
So, 1 Day = 24 hours (60 Ghati) and
1Day is also = 30 muhurtas
This means 30 muhurtas = 24 hours (60 Ghati)
          1 muhurta = 48 minutes (2 Ghati)
24 hours of the day and night are further divided in 8 prahars 4 prahars during the daytime and 4 during night time. One Prahar on an average is three hours or seven and a half muhurtas. 4 Prahar from Sunrise are Purvanh (पूर्वान्ह), madhyanah (मध्यान्ह), aprahnah (अपरान्ह) and Sanykala (सायंकाल).

The 28 nakshatra map into the 28 muhurtas starting from sunrise and the remaining two muhurta before sunrise are attributed to the Brahma. These two muhurta taken together (96 minutes before sunrise) are loosely called as Brahma Muhurta. However, they are different in their energy and are better understood as Brahma and Surya (or Savitur to be more precise) being both Creators yet different. Brahma is the deity of Saturn and is associated with rebirth of the soul and this 29th Muhurta is excellent for meditation on the reasons for our creation, the purpose of this birth and realisation of the self and God whereas the 30th Muhurta is best for praying to the creator Savitur for impelling our intelligence in the right direction, burning the sins that led to rebirth and recovering from the curses and dridha karma of past births. This time is known as Brahma muhurat because this is the perfect time for gaining Brahma Gyan. Rishi Sushurut defined this time as Amrit Bela (the nectar time).

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अमृत योग - ज्योतिषशास्त्र का एक विशेष योग

अमृत योग - ज्योतिषशास्त्र का एक विशेष योग ।

ज्योतिष में वर्णित आनंद आदि 28 योगों में 21वाँ योग अमृत योग है।
मंगलवार में भद्रा तिथि द्वितीया, सप्तमी व द्वादशी (2,7,12) रहने पर,
गुरूवार में जया तिथि तृतीया, अष्टमी व त्रयोदशी  (3,8,13) रहने पर,
 रवि / सोमवार में  पूर्णा तिथि पंचमी, दशमी और पूर्णिमा  (5,10,15) रहने पर,
बुध या शनिवार में नंदा तिथि प्रतिपदा, षष्ठी व एकादशी (1,6,11) रहने पर ‘अमृतयोग’ बनते हैं । ये शुभ होते हैं।

निम्नलिखित स्थितियों में अमृत योग माना जाता है:


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Astrological analysis of Muhurta



Muhurta is essentially a measure of time which refers to the application of Vedic astrology wisdom in determining the auspicious time for starting an event so that it goes through in all probability smoothly and without hurdles. Simply put, it is the time we ‘elect’ (or select) to begin important events in life.
Muhurta' is a vast subject in itself but 'Chaughadia-muhurtas' provide a quick and quite effective reference table to any person who does not have access to a well-qualified Vedic astrologer or does not have time to consult him/her for any reason. You may define the 'Chaughadia-muhurtas' as general public's election astrology.
Synonyms of Chaughadia are #Chogadia, #Chaughadia, #Chaturshtika
Cho-Gadhiya means four Ghadi (4 घडी)/Ghati – (Ghadi (now used for a clock in Hindi) is an ancient measure for calculations of time in India roughly equivalent to 24 minutes. Cho-Gadhiya means four Ghadi which totals to 96 minutes. Most of Chaughadia are of approximate 96 minutes duration)
Where 1Ghati (घडी) / = 24 minutes
So 4Ghati (घडी) = 4*24 = 96 minutes
So, 96 Minutes of time in a day is known as one Chaughadia.


यमदंष्ट्रा योग

वैद्यक के अनुसार आश्विन, कार्तिक, और अगहन के लगभग का कुछ विशिष्ट काल, जिसमें रोग और मृत्यु आदि का विशेष भय रहता है और जिसमें अल्प भोजन तथा विशेष संयम आदि का विधान है। 
कुछ लोगों के मत से यह समय कार्तिक के अंतिम आठ दिनों और अगहन के आरंभिक आठ दिनों का है; और कुछ लोगों के मत से आश्विन के अंतिम आठ दिन और पूरा कार्तिक मास इसके अंतर्गत है।

यमदंष्ट्रा योग- वार और नक्षत्र के संयोग से बनता है यमदंष्ट्रा योग 
रविवार को मघा और धनिष्ठा, 
सोमवार को मूल और विशाखा, 
मंगलवार  को भरणी और कृतिका , 
बुधवार  को पुनर्वसु और रेवती ,
गुरूवार  को अश्विनी और उत्तराषाढा, 
शुक्रवार  को रोहिणी और अनुराधा , 

शनिवार को श्रवण और धनिष्ठा नक्षत्र होने पर अत्यंत पीड़ादायक योग यमदंष्ट्रा योग बनता है  


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